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I am currently a research scientist with Prof. David W. J. Thompson in the Dept. of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. My current research focuses on the two-way interactions between clouds and large-scale climate dynamics.

I graduated from Princeton University with a Ph. D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in 2011. My thesis adisor was Prof. Ngar-Cheung (Gabriel) Lau, who was the lead scientist of the Climate Diagnostics Group at GFDL. My thesis work explored the physical process for the teleconnection between ENSO and climate over the North Atlantic sector. I identified possible pathways in both the troposphere and stratosphere for this teleconnection.

I got my M.S. degree from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006, and received B.S. degree from Dept. of Earth Science, Zhejiang University in 2003.

My primary research interest lies in the large-scale atmospheric dynamics and climate variability. A common thread in my research is understanding the physical processes that govern various atmospheric phenomena to better interpret and predict changes within a varying climate. To that end, I use a combination of dynamic theories, numerical experimentation and observational analysis. My current and recent areas of research interest include climate dynamics and variability, storm track dynamics, eddy-mean flow interactions, air-sea interactions, stratosphere-troposphere coupling, cloud radiative feedbacks.

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Dept. of Atmospheric Science,
Colorado State University,
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