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Graduate Student Representatives

Name Email Address Phone # Building Room Title Advisor
Hitchcock, Stacey stacey.hitchcock (at) 970-491-8393 ATS Main 411 Graduate Assistant Russ Schumacher
Jenney, Andrea andrea (at) 970-491-8391 ATS West 212 Graduate Assistant Dave Randall
Lindaas, Jakob jlindaas (at) ATS Main 205 Graduate Assistant Emily Fischer
Marinescu, Peter peter.marinescu (at) 970-491-8331 ATS Main 417 Graduate Assistant Sonia Kreidenweis / Sue van den Heever
Schulte, Richard rschulte (at) 970-491-8197 ACRC 111 Graduate Assistant Chris Kummerow
Slocum, Christopher christopher.slocum (at) 970-491-2409 ATS Main 306 Graduate Assistant Wayne Schubert

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