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Name Email Address Phone # Building Room Title
Barnes, Elizabeth eabarnes (at) 970-491-8206 ATS Main 402 Assistant Professor
Bell, Michael mmbell (at) 970-491-8345 ATS Main 205A Associate Professor
Birner, Thomas thomas (at) 970-492-4041 ATS Main 407 Associate Professor
Collett, Jeff collett (at) 970-491-8697 ATS Chem 123 Professor
Denning, Scott scott.denning (at) 970-491-8359 ATS West 224 Professor
Fischer, Emily evf (at) 970-491-8587 ATS Main 203 Assistant Professor
Kreidenweis, Sonia sonia (at) 970-491-8350 ATS Chem 19 Professor
Kummerow, Chris kummerow (at) 970-491-7473 ACRC 109 Professor
Maloney, Eric emaloney (at) 970-491-3368 ATS West 208 Professor
Pierce, Jeffrey jeffrey.pierce (at) 970-491-8572 ATS Main 220 Associate Professor
Randall, Dave randall (at) 970-491-8474 ATS West 222 Professor
Rasmussen, Kristen kristenr (at) 970-491-8983 ATS Main 312 Assistant Professor
Ravishankara, A.R. ravi (at) 970-491-2876 ATS West 225 Professor
Rutledge, Steve rutledge (at) 970-491-8283 ATS Main 307 Professor
Schumacher, Russ russ.schumacher (at) 970-491-8084 ATS Main 413 Associate Professor
Thompson, David davet (at) 970-491-3338 ATS Main 430 Professor
van den Heever, Susan sue (at) 970-491-8501 ATS Main 425 Professor

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