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Administrative Staff

Name Email Address Phone # Building Room Title
Bryan, Noel noel (at) off site ATS Main off site Travel and Purchasing
Davey, Amanda alldavey (at) 970-491-8590 ATS Main 118 Travel and Purchasing
DeLoss, Jayme jayme.deloss (at) 970-491-8682 ATS Main 119 Information Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
Foster, Annette affoster (at) 970-491-8941 ATS Main 201A Research Project Manager
Heller, Steve Steve.Heller (at) 970-491-8527 ATS Main 107 Engineering Network Services
Irey, Shannon sirey (at) 970-491-3396 ATS Main 201C Research Project Manager
Joseph, Jaime jaime.joseph (at) 491-8208 ATS Main 118 Travel and Purchasing
Mayhew, Samantha smayhew (at) 970-491-8680 ATS Main 201 Research Project Manager
Moss, Torrie torrie.moss (at) 970-491-8443 ATS West 223 Travel and Purchasing
Nabors, Darby djnabors (at) 970-491-6960 ATS Main 115 Manager of Business Operations
Packard, Heather hpackard (at) 970-491-8356 ATS Main 112 Human Resource Manager
Reges II, Henry hreges (at) 970-491-1196 Annex 207 Coordinator
Schmidt, Jamie jamie (at) 970-491-3430 ATS Main 113E Administrative Assistant
Tisdale, Sarah sarah.tisdale (at) 970-491-8360 ATS Main 117 Graduate Coordinator

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