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The department operates several facilities in the CSU Foothills campus and around northern Colorado.

Main Building (ATS)

The largest of all the facilities, this building contains the majority of department offices and classrooms.

Main building

Atmospheric Science and CIRA Research Center (ACRC)

Built in 2002 to support the CloudSat program, this facility contains 15,000 square feet of state-of-the-art classrooms, offices, and research space. Both Atmospheric Science and Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) personnel occupy the building.


Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Laboratory

This building houses offices and laboratories associated with the three Atmospheric Chemistry research groups. Laboratories include several analytical chemistry labs, an aerosol-cloud interactions laboratory, and two instrument development labs.

Atmospheric Chemistry

Atmospheric Science West

ATS West is a $5M, 13,000 sq ft new facility at the College of Engineering, Atmospheric Science Foothills Campus to house the new NSF Science and Technology Center CMMAP (Center for Multi-scale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes), directed by Prof. David A. Randall. The goal of CMMAP is to improve the representation of cloud processes in global climate models.

ATS West

CHILL National Radar Facility

Located in the plains northeast of Greeley, CO, the CHILL facility contains an 11cm polarmetric radar system and several supporting offices.

CHILL National Radar Facility

Satellite Earth Station

The department operates several laboratory facilities dedicated to the acquisition, processing, and display of satellite and other weather data products.

Satellite Earth Station

CSU Campus and Christman Field Weather Stations

Stations located on the CSU campus and at Christman Field near the department headquarters monitor and report weather conditions continuously.

Christman Field

Colorado Climate Center

The Colorado Climate Center assists the state of Colorado in monitoring climate over time scales of weeks to years.


Atmospheric Science Reading Room

This facility is located within the main building and affords faculty, staff, and students with physical to most modern atmospheric science materials as well as many historical items.

Branch Library

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